Chicago -- day 2

As previously noted, the 8 kids and I spent the night in the wonderful
windy city. We were impresses with the complimentary hotel, dinner,
and breakfast--of course we would all much rather be in Greece.

We left the hotel on the 9:30 shuttle, got in line here, and found put
we were still playing the waiting game here. The agent did what she
could, but everything is pretty tight for rebooking.

iit's been a long morning, midday, and afternoon in the Chicago
airport. The kids are holding up OK, everyone is getting antsy, we are
all more than ready to move on and jet to Munich.

My mom arrived and is sleeping soundly at the hotel in Athens. She
will get up and start the bus tour in just a few more hours. Hopefully
she can recreate the experience for my group once we arrive.

More to come from Chicago.

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