School's Out for Summer...

The end is near. Today was the last full day of school for the 2009 year. We celebrated by turning in final portfolios, eating cookies, popcorn, and blended mochas. The day flew by and now, with less than one week to Greece and one day of classes, the end is near.

Tonight I have a little order of lentils to complete--18 beads, all related to cancer. So, name the following types of cancer ribbons: pink, teal, lavender, and pink/teal/sapphire. Answers: breast, ovarian, general cancer, and thyroid.

If you haven't been to my site lately, I did FINALLY make a few updates. I changed the background to white, and added the Etsy link I've been meaning to add. I also added the CafePress link in the Design Services area. So many websites to edit, so little time.

Off to the torch!



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