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Greetings from Shoreline, WA!

I'm back to my guy and pups. It was such an amazing trip. We all have
memories to last a lifetime.

Eddie arrived at the airport to greet me complete with the E-collar
or CONE! I removed it immediately. It was keeping him safe for
healing, but now I'm home to watch and monitor him. He was bitten on
the eye/face by a large black lab. His eye could have been lost! You
can see the white line above the eye where the skin is healing well.
He will be just fine--luckily!

I've posted 183 photos from the Greece trip on my Facebook account -- . The album is public, so
everyone should be able to link and see. Please email me if the link
doesn't work for you.

Send me links for your photos or add the link in the comments for
this post. I can't wait to see all your shots!

Take care,




    I added about 360 pictures, but i dont know if it is worth going through them all. I dont know anything about photography, but I am looking forward to seeing everyone else's pictures.



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