Greece -- Day 4

Hello to all from lovely (OK, super hot) Rhodes, Greece! I'm typing away from an internet cafe in the old town of Rhodes. We are currently in port here until 5:30pm. After we depart we will sail for Santorini tonight.

Today was the third day on the Aegean Pearl ship. We have been cruising and docking to explore. We have really been living it up at each stop. Today Kaylee, Ava, Dillon, my Mom, and I set off via charter bus for the Acropolis on Rhodes. We hiked up some 300 stairs to see the beautiful ruins and harbor. It's been so fun and educational all along the way. We have been spoiled with great buffets for breakfast, lunch, and very classy sit-down dinners on the ship.

Our guide Spiros leads us through the local ports of call and gives us directions to the most important things--like the beach! Yesterday we all enjoyed a swim at the harbor in Patmos. The kids are all getting along so well and enjoying each others' company. They have been taking a million photos--I'm sure they will be so excited to share them all with you.

Everyone is doing well--make sure you send any souviner requests! The kids are shopping like crazy! I hope we can check the bags with a few extra pounds each!


  1. We are all glad to hear that everyone is having such a great time. Thanks for keeping us posted. Please tell Kaylee NOT to bring any of that funny money home with her. This is a trip of a life-time , so enjoy it and bring home wonderful memories!

  2. Dillon, Dont forget to buy your mother a braclet if possible. Also maybe get a cool photograph for grandpa or something of that sort, and a present for grandmas birthday. Jewelry is best. I hope you got the extra money on your account.



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