Hottest Day, Hottest Soup...Whoops.

Well, it's official, it's ridiculously hot here. My VW said 102 today . Ouch. And this is an ouch because the only people in Seattle with air conditioning live on Mercer Island. So, I ventured out today to seek refuge in the retail world. It's a whole new kind of retail therapy. First stop; Target for some basic items. Next stop CostPlus World Market for looking and not buying. Third stop, the Korean Tofu restaurant for super hot soup...hold that thought. What, soup!?! OK, it was a total failure on my part. I was hoping for something delicious, and saw the photo, and the words in English on the menu and just jumped in feet first. I luckily had them make it "to go" which meant I could take the huge bowl of steaming goodness home. The little bag arrived in my hands and I had to look inside each container--side #1 sausage, side #2 pickled something, side #3 kimchee (consumed immediately!), side #4 scary little deep fried fish (not expected, but interesting), and the hot soup (tofu with seafood) and a little bit of rice. I was excited to try everything, well not the fish for now, but what a bad day to eat soup. Stupid me. Oh well, it will eventually cool off--this is Seattle after all. So in the crazy heat, the pups slept, Tyler worked in the AC, and I browsed the meat selection at Costco Business. We were all winners. And the little fish is now safely in the fridge at home, with the soup. To be consumed once it drops below 90!


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