Jewel of India, Nachos, and Kimbap

July 22 was a food-filled day. Rhonda and I began the day with lunch at the Jewel of India in the University District. We opted for the $6.99 buffet and ate like kings--er, make that queens. We especially enjoyed the carrots with fennel and the curry chicken. Everything was amazing and super filling. The evening was, of course, a smoke-fest. I had started the Eggs (both) and loaded them with protein galore. Edgar was smoking a tri-tip marinaded in teriyaki. Little Edna had a chicken with Old Bay seasoning. Both were delicious! To top off the day with played pinball, drank, and ate nachos at Shorty's in Seattle. The nachos were totally blog-able. A true thing of beauty for only $5! Last, but not least was Rhonda's last Seattle meal. I made my first batch of kimbap. This version featured egg, diacon, carrot, green onion, and sweet rice. More exciting flavor combinations to come!


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