July 3rd -- Back to Athens!

Hey Everyone! Our last day of cruising proved to be the BEST! We visited Santorini. Everyone participated in the excursion to the volcano and the island. We started by sailing to the pumic covered island, then hiked to the top! We got back on the boat and sailed to a hot spring where we swam in the warm, brown water. After we were bussed to the top of the island, then took donkeys down! Amazing!

We are back to Athens after our amazing cruise of the Aegean Sea. We were all a bit shaky-legged as we climbed back to shore this morning. We had a very early day and a long bus ride. We visited Cape Sourine and then checked back into the Ionis Hotel in Athens for another night. We enjoyed a day of free time in Athens. It rained hard here for about half and hour, then more sun.

Tomorrow we are off to Pilos! Can't wait to add photos and more info.

Take care!


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