We "GRILLED IT" this weekend!

Nothing like a little sun to get the Seattle crew out grilling. Here's a look at the fun times we had with the gas grill this weekend. The major grilling event was Sunday--the grill was packed full of delicious treats. Cook and Darla brought corn and burgers, Jill and Rhonda had octopus kabobs, Mook made some turkey meatballs, and Tyler finished out the party with some burgers. Everyone was full and happy in no time. The ruebens were grilled on Saturday. The little Green Egg Edna helped by smoked some pastrami first. The bread, kraut, cheese, and 1000 island were melted to a gooey sandwich on the gas grill. This is the first time I've grilled ruebens--let me tell you, I'll do it again soon! So good!


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