Bread & Ribs

Well, good news, I have found a recipe for some really easy and delicious bread--modeled after the amazingly yummy bread served at Schlotsky's Deli. We had a Schlotsky's in Minot, ND and it never disappointed. I was a big fan of the reuben. The bread was light, fluffy and all around good. The recipe I found provided a good memory and cooked up with such little effort, you could even make a loaf on a week night.

The next group of photos is the evolution of a rack of ribs. Perhaps the missing link is the pig in action. I think we'll save that for the imagination. Here you have the Costco purchase--they are the spare rib variety. The seasoning and preparation on the two rib racks. Finally, the finished ribs, chopped and ready to devour. Elise and I made fast work of this little pile. Did I mention the doughnuts she brought?!?


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