Fishing and wishing for salmon!

Perhaps it's the smell of the bait, the gentle rocking of the boat, the strong coffee or the sea in your hair...perhaps it's just my love of salmon or sun that tricked me into thinking I could catch a few. I should have known by looking at those strong, smart fishing jumping UP the ladders in the locks, that they would not be easily captured. The trip was very fun, despite the lack of salmon. We did each catch many flounder and dog fish--which looked a lot like sharks to me. We had a great captain, Art, of the Edmonds Sugarfoot, great food, and the best company! We left about 4:30am and returned just before noon. The weather was good, not hot. Very un-hot in fact--thankfully I packed two hoodies! We cruised up to Point-no-point, then along the coast. We laughed, fished, got tangled, and even snuck in a nap on the way home. It was a perfect fishing trip with Tyler and my Dad!


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