Mexican Date in Gold Bar

Today Tyler and I did our first official hike of the summer--summer is almost over, so better late than never I guess. We decided to go North and East a bit to avoid some serious road construction on I405. We settled on Mount Surprise. We had our eye on Mount Scorpion, but the first two miles of the hike kicked our butts, so we smartly stopped and called it good at Surprise. The hike up was about an hour and a half and then a quick trip down. The up was difficult--down very easy...thank you gravity.

After the hike we stopped at La Hacienda in Gold Bar for a lovely mexican lunch. I had the burrito, Tyler enjoyed the carne asada. Both were delicious--especially after the work out. The salsa was excellent--a bit thin, but awesome flavor. I couldn't resist a photo of my date paying for it all.


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