Happy Birthday to my Photo 2 Ladies

Today the Photo 2, Period 3 student experienced two birthday celebrations, one planned earthquake drill, and one unplanned power outage. The celebration began innocently enough...As a frequent microwave cooker, I am often complimented on the wonderful smells that are lingering after lunch. My latest creation is a mix of pumpkin, splenda, cinnamon, and maple syrup. Even the toughest football player has asked about the amazing scent. After several compliments and questions, I felt obliged to provide a taste of something similar. Together Rachel (one birthday girl), Paris (a foodie in the making) and I found a pleasing and yummy sounding recipe online--one that involved all the aromatics, no nuts, and could be topped with syrup. The pumpkin spice bars won our favor. I cook, we ate, then ducked/cover/evacuated...after lunch we browned out momentarily. But by 11:53am all was right with the world and everyone make it through the period successfully.


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