High Rock Lookout

Today was a really amazing day for the Van Berkoms. Our weekend began with a drive up to the Ashford area where our friend has some property and a rustic cabin--no electricity, running water, or cell phone reception. But it does boast a lovely fire pit, and a brand spanking new outhouse! We arrived at the cabin on Saturday and enjoyed an easy hike to Cora Lake. After our first little jaunt we hunted for chantrelles--a huge success! We found about a pound or so of yummy, orange fungus. We fixed some dinner and spent Saturday at the cabin. Early Sunday morn we took off pre-dawn for a hike up High Rock Lookout. The views from the top are unreal! We were the first ones up and down--it's about 1.5 miles each way, which turns out to be a quick hike with two Bostons pulling the whole way.


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