Greetings from Rome

Buongiorno from the beautiful city of Rome. The group is still sleeping, but in my typical mode, I'm up and ready to go! I'm adding a few more photos of the scenes from Day 2. We are on to Day 3 already today with a full day of touring. We will begin with breakfast at 6:45 in the hotel, then bus departure at 7:30am. We will take a charter bus to Rome and tour the Vatican this morning, lunch at the Vatican, tour other major sites (TBD) and end up with dinner in Rome. Tomorrow is a similar day with free time to catch all we missed. Some of the chaperones and students from other schools are going to Florence tomorrow (add $100) for the side trip. It's still an option and a few of our kids are thinking about it. They will decided today and our plans will be set for Day 4. I'm on email here at the hotel; please email me if you are interested in anything specific (parents especially). Comments to the blog are fun too! Thanks to all for the support. We are enjoying everything so far--I promise to take a million photos today. I'm going to sunscreen the kids and make them all drink lots of bottled water. Ciao for now, Jill VB


  1. Carly looks so extremely happy in that picture (3) :) Looks awesome! Hope everyone's enjoying themselves. You're kids are very playful and happy and crazy. They're doing just great right now :)


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