Our first taste of Greece

The overnight ferry dropped out crew this morning at 6:30am. We boarded the hot pink charter bus with Spiros behind the wheel. The trip was long, but we did stop for some Greek food at lunch, then arrived at the cute hotel in Delphi at 4pm. We did a tour of the ruins in the heat--including a trip to the stadium at the top of the site. The kids enjoyed a wonderful dinner at a local restaurant with a cheese/noodle dish to start, little meat loaves and Greek salad, and a chocolate mouse for dessert. The evening was topped with a visit to the internet cafe/coffee bar. The MDHS crew and I enjoyed the wi-fi, view, and come Greek frappes (blended coffee, milk and sugar). Optional disco tonight and a generous 9am wake up call. I'm planning to be up much earlier for a good photo/walk around this picturesque town. The view is outstanding!


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