Photos from Pompeii and the overnight ferry

Pompeii was really interesting. I purposely turned off the wonderful local guide and instead listened to the live recording of Pink Floyd, Live at Pompeii. I had a completely different experience than my first time to Pompeii five years ago, and for sure a different experience than the kids and other chaperones. I felt like an alien on a different planet with all the tourist walking the opposite direction from me and with everyone listening to their own guides and in little clusters. I tried my darndest to keep all signs of humans out of my photos--which was tough. But, a fun and hot day. The overnight ferry was much nicer than I expected. We boarded at about 9pm, dinner later and didn't sleep much at all. The wake up call was a 4:30am, breakfast at 5:30am, disembarking at 6:30am...then the bus for about 7 hours. Map to be posted next...


  1. I was wondering how you obtained such incredible photos without anyone (other than a dog) in them. Looking at the starkness of the photos (without life in them) it made me really think about Pompeii and the lives that lived there and souls that are encased in the structures. Thank you for taking the time to be "outside" the tourist groups, relax with some music, take in the experience AND share the photos with us!


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