Side notes for fun & memories


Arrive 2:45 at hotel

Pierce 303
Dylan 102
Boys 302
Girls 111

Visit site: 4pm walk to site, whisper, no pack & under 19 passport, camera
Free time until dinner
Pan Hotel -- half man, half goat -- panic, muses visited 9 total, daughters of Zeus.
Dinner: 7pm
Club EF: 10 pm

Wake up: 9am
Breakfast: 9:45am
Delphi Museum: keep ticket from Delphi ruin site
Bus: 10:30am
Stop in Aravoa-- ski town
Time for photos
Stop in Angelese, ala carte lunch family fried cheese is speciality
Drive 2-3 hours
Athens, hotel in Glefada, 5 mins from beach, Starbucks, Hard Rock Cafe. Very safe

Boys 515
Dylan 512
Girls 502
Me 509

6pm cruise meeting--lobby/bar
7:30 greek evening
7:45 dinner at hotel--4th floor
Tip for driver

6:45 wake
7:30 breakfast
8:00 depart w/ whispers, comfy shoes, no dress code--very hot, sunscreen, avoid backpacks, camera, money, passport or copy, no storage on bus.
Faye, local guide, for panoramic tour of Athens. On our own bus. Make stops--stadium, stigma square, parliament house, library.
Drop for Acropolis tour. Greek name necklace factory.
Free time ideas; museum,
Lunch & free time in the Plaka
Archeological museum -- extra, but same ticket as Acropolis
Highest hill--chapel of St. Michael. Funicular
Tram back to hotel. Or later, Antonio will give directions back. Tram #5, takes 1 hour, Glefada,
4:00pm leave city center
6:15-7pm At hotel; cabin #, luggage tags, excursions
7pm Dinner @ hotel. Bring whispers to return.
Prepare to check out for cruise.

Cruise embarkation day, July 8
6am wake up
6:30 breakfast
7:15 @ curb with luggage
To Pireaus for the 3 day cruise
Today; lunch on vessel, cruising.
Arrive in Mykonos @ 6pm
Leave port @ 11pm


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