Tuesday in Japan

Yesterday we took two industrial tours, first Toyota, then a coal power plant. We rode in the bus a lot. The Hekinan kids were with us too, so it was double the size of our normal touring group. At Toyota we walked through the automated assembly line & watched robots weld cars. At the power plant we saw the big turbines & chimneys as well as the coal that is imported from Austrailia & Indonesia.

We had lunch at Toyota, followed by a trip to an onsite Starbucks--only the 3rd I've seen in Japan.

Yesterday the weather was a bit cooler & many places were air conditioned so we didn't suffer too much. The power plant was the hottest at 40 degrees inside.

After our tour we returned home. Osada san had baked a blackberry coffee cake using a recipe from the Internet. It was very good & she was very proud. Everybody loved it.

At 6pm we drove about 20 to a local swimming complex. Tamami had told me to bring a swimming cap & goggles so I imagined a real serious undertaking. While I  did have to wear my gear; the complex was nearly amusement park like. There was one pool for lap swim, another lazy river where many people walked in the current for exercise, then two large hot tubs, a sauna, two adjoining kiddie pools with water fountains to splash under and two giant (like three stories high) waterslides. We had quite a nice time. All was indoors, so climate contolled all year long.

Last night Osada san made two kinds of Japanese curry. It included a thick gravy & veggies. She served it over rice. It was very tasty & a real change from the other meals she cooks. The girls like the sweeter version with big chunks of veggies. I prefered the hotter variety with smaller, diced veggies. I'll certainly try curry again.

Today is tatami mats & a temple. More to follow.

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