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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Finished -- FINALLY!




Here's my 2 cents on slugs — they stink. There are currently slugs eating my basil, so I've hatched a cheap plan to combat it — pennies lining the raised bed. It took 3 drill bits, 300+ pennies & nails, and a whole lotta pounding to complete, but it's all done and ready to stop slugs from dining on my edibles. Well, I hope!





BNW Party

I failed to post these on the night of the party — so here's the event in review…









The Laundry Redo Plans & BEFORE







Renovations in the Laundry Room

I've started a crazy project in the laundry room!

Phase 1, seen below, was demo.

Phase 2, filling the hole, is next. As of 10pm I've got a new piece of sheetrock up and the first coat of mud on it.

Tomorrow I'll sand and re-mud.

Hopefully I'll be able to add texture later tomorrow — the unprecedented heat will certainly help speed up the dry time!











Chinese Food for Lunch